While I’m writing a new spicy post, I decided to show you a simple DIY recipe for face tonic.
I don’t have problems with my skin (couple of pimples when I’m in my pms period), but sometimes I suffer some inflammatory issues and purple-red spots pop out of nowhere.
To eliminate them, I tried all sorts of cosmetics, but this DIY tonic gave the best results.
You will need: a bundle of parsley, two spoons of pure green tea, 2 dcl of tap water and 3 dcl of evaporated mineral water.
Pour the 3 dcl of mineral water and let it evaporate. Meanwhile pour 2 dcl of tap water in  a pot, add parsley and green tea and bring to boil (for around 20 minutes). Put aside and let it cool. After that, drain it and mix with mineral water. Put it in disinfected bottle and store in a fridge. It can last for couple of months, mine is in the fridge for over a month without any problems.

I packed mine in this mango-chilli sauce bottle.
After a while scars and spots will start fading and eventually completely disappear.
The effect can be stronger if you add neew powder beacuse it has an amazing effect on the skin. Ayurveda recommends it as an antifungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory treatment, so it’s used for eczema, acne and other skin troubles. Unfortunately I didn’t have it while I was making my poiton, but if I were, I would add 1 tea spoon.
Tonic is cheap and efficient.
If you decide to make it, lemme know your results. 😀
T 🙂
P.s. Since my skin is sensitive and reactive, I can guarantee it had no side effects. 🙂

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