While I was writing my new spicy post, this foodie post came along. So let’s start!
250 g of spinach
– a pinch of  ground nutmeg
– 2 spoons of mascarpone cheese
– 125 g of feta cheese
– 4 filo dough sheets, not frozen
– 50 g of melted butter
– 4 eggs
– salt, pepper
Drain the spinach and chop it. Put it in a bowl and add feta, mascarpone, nutmeg, salt and pepper. Lay 4 sheets of filo one over the other, and smear every one with butter. Cut 4 circles, using a coffee plate as a template. Spread the spinach mixture over the sheets, but leave 2,5 cm from the edge empty. Pinch the edges and fold them up. Make little holes in the spinach mixture. Place them on a baking sheet and bake them for 8 minutes (200 Celsius degrees). Take them out, and crack an egg into every hole. Return then to the oven and let them bake form another 8-10 minutes.
– 250 g of black pasta
– 3 spoons of fresh cheese
– 4 leaves of basil, 8 leaves of rosemary
– 5 slices of  mild cheese
– spoon of sesame
– spoon of olive oil
– 5 olives
– half a tea spoon of al arabiatta spice
– salt
– half a tea spoon of caviar (optional)
Cook pasta with a few drops of olive oil and two pinches of salt. While the pasta is cooking, chop the fresh spices, olives and cheese slices into little pieces, and mix them in a bowl with fresh cheese, caviar and other spices. Drain the pasta. Heat a spoon of olive oil and fry a spoon of sesame seeds on it until they are golden. Add all the other ingredients, half a decilitre of water and cook 3-4 minutes until the fresh cheese melts. Serve with pasta and couple of fresh leaves of basil and chives.
– half a litre of milk
– vanilla pudding
– half a vanilla pod
– sweet cream (for whipped cream)
– sugar
– strawberry jam
– banana
– blueberries
Cook the vanilla pudding with half of the vanilla pod (slice the vanilla pod in half, then lenghtways and scoop the vanilla with the tip of a knife. Pour the pudding into little bowls. Mix banana into a pure and cover the pudding with it. Cover with whipped cream. Heat up the strawberry jam in a little pot with a little water. Pour over the whipped cream. Then put couple of blueberries on top and enjoy this creamy happiness. 😀
Since it’s autumn, the weather is cold, refresh yourselves with seasonal fruit and hot tea with biscuits. Summer is over, no one’s counting the calories anymore. 😉
While I was in Switzerland I tried this amazing Tencha ice tea, made out of green tea and pomegranate. If you stumble upon it, buy yourselves couple of bottles and enjoy (and to me too :D).
That’s all for now, bon appetite to everyone,
T 🙂

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