After some procrastinating I finally decided to write the long promised post about food. So let’s get started…:D

Lentil soup for starters!
Fry/simmer half an onion, add green lentil (soak it first), add spices (ginger, cumin*, turmeric, pepper, parsley). Add water and cook until lentil softens. Add some cooking cream and blend it with a hand blender. Serve with pumpkin oil and dried mint. You can also fry some bread which always goes well with creamy soups.
*cumin is the must use spice when it comes to lentil. 😀
 Potato rosti is next on the menu.
Peel 4 bigger potatoes, wash them well and grind them, add some salt and let it rest for a while. After 20 minutes drain them well (take some of the potatoes and squeeze the water out). Mix an egg (or two, depending on how much potato you get), add spice (chives, rosemary, dill and cayenne pepper), then mix everything together. If it’s not thick enough, add some flour. Form little burger like pieces and fry them in a well heated oil. Fry both sides. Serve with sour cream.
Not for vegetarians!
Cut two sausages along, but not all the way, so it doesn’t separate. Fry them on a grill pot with a little oil. You will have to press them down with a fork so they don’t bend. Put them on the plate, put mustard on each side. Put some fried onions and fried bacon in the middle, cover with sour cream, Add some grind cheddar on top. And your junk food evening has its starters. :))
A bit of Asian delights never hurt anyone.
Slice chicken breast to little pieces. Add oil, curry, turmeric, ginger, salt and cayenne pepper and let it rest for 10 minutes. Meanwhile cook basmati rice (put rice in the hot boiled water with some oil and salt and cook for 15 minutes). Fry chicken in the teflon pot until it gets golden. Add 250 ml of coconut milk, 250 ml of water and 2 fistfuls of peanuts (or 2 spoons of peanut butter). Cook until it boils, then add more spices if necessary (nasi goreng spice is great for occasions like this). Serve with rice and enjoy. 🙂
This is one of my favorites.
Slice chicken breast to little pieces. Slice pineapple, onion, paprika and carrot to little pieces. In a little bowl mix soy sauce, honey (75 ml: 1 spoon), garlic, chili peppers (optional), 2,5 cm of ginger root (chopped) and 4 star anise. Mix it all together and then pack in the aluminium foil. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes on 200 C degrees. In the meantime cook rice. Let the packets cool off for 5 minutes and serve with rice. You can add avocado slices with rice. Enjoy. 🙂
And now: desserts!!!
Clean two oranges and two bananas. Blend them together to get a pure. Whip out sweet cream. Add pure in an orange shell, add whipped cream and sprinkle with some grated chocolate. You can put some cake slices around the orange.
And now something that will be cherished by every guest and that will make every taste bud happy.
Melt some sugar on a little butter. When it melts, add some cinnamon and peeled and sliced apples. Cook it for a while, until all the apples are caramelized. Add some rum and let it boil for a while. Serve it in a shape of a star and cover with caramel sauce. You can fry apples for a short period of time so they are crispy, or a longer period of time so they are soft.
Cook rice with milk, add sugar and cinnamon. Blend it all together and add milk if it’s too dense. Make orange syrup: squeeze out some orange juice, add sugar and cook until it becomes a syrup. Pour in glass, add syrup and an orange slice on top.
And that’s all for today, enjoy,
T 🙂

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