If you’ve visited my page recently you might have noticed the new site design and new categories layout: eat, heal, go (more about them you can read here). Heal category is designed as a little help corner where I talk about health in general, health boosters and supplements since I put a lot of care in health, both personally, and professionally. Story about Bellabeat, a health tracker I got as a graduation gift recently, is definitely within the heal category and I suppose you heard about them, since they advertise themselves actively on Facebook. More about them you can read on their site.

I’ve used the leaf for two weeks, which I think is enough time to test the product and write a review.

First of all this is a health tracker designed as a smart jewelry. If we talk aesthetics, this tracker is a piece I like, combining wood and steel it makes the nature freak like me go crazy. There are two collections: nature (this one) and urban. The health tracker is actually this pendent shaped as a leaf and size of 5 cm. You can wear it three ways:

  1. As a bracelet (you get a leather strap)
  2. As a necklace (you get a chain), and this is me posing successfully as a model XD
  3. And as a clip on (how poetic, I clipped it on a bouquet)

Although it’s not big, since I have small hands, it looks massive (to me) on occasions.


But what does it do?

Bellabeat leaf is a gadget for women and it tracks your bodies functions: activity, stress level, sleeping and period. It functions thus: the leaf part records your data and then, when you double tap it, sends the data over bluetooth to your cellphone where you can see it in the bellabeat app.

This is how the main site looks like, and it has 5 categories which I”l explain in more detail.

Activity tracks your body (here’s a shocker) activity: number of steps, calorie usage, distance, and offers a list of activities where you can choose everything from yoga, sex, shopping, even shoveling snow.Po izboru aktivnosti, namijestite vremenski period u kojem ste se njime bavile, te bellabeat izračuna dalje podatke (korake uvijek broji). Primijetila sam da ga je u periodu aktivnosti najbolje imati zakačenog za topić ili kao narukvicu. When you choose an activity, you set the time and duration and the app calculates the data (it always counts your steps). I’ve noticed it’s best to wear clipped on your top or as a bracelet when active.Sleep category measures duration and  quality of your sleep, which is also my favorite part of the leaf. You just clip it on your shirt and go to sleep and it measures your sleep quality by your moving and breathing. As soon as you wake up it stops and gives you feedback on your sleep (you can edit it manually as well).Zen is a meditation part which I don’t use very often, even though I should. When you click it, it offers many meditation programs which you can download and enjoy. While meditating, clip on top of your pants, against your belly.Stress level gives you data based on four factors: movement, sleep, meditation and period cycle. The problem is that stress is not only physically induced, so it would be nice to have a manual option to say if you’re under stress or not. Period tracker, need I say more? It calculates your fertile days, predicts your next (couple of) period, basically everything apps like period calendar already do. There’s also an add pregnancy option, but I didn’t go there. 😀


More to it, there are three types of alarm: wake up, reminder and drink your vitamins reminder and they all vibrate differently. You just set the time. Also there’s contraception pill alarm.

If you reach a certain goal (which you set up for yourself) you get nice supporting messages in a you’re so awesome manner. They also provide tips’n’tricks on health improvement every day.


Finally, is it worth the hype?

Fact is, it’s a health tracker which combines many aspects of you, and is elegant and slightly girly. To it’s advantage goes the sleep monitoring and activity tracker. Since my cellphone tracker can’t give realistic data, due to the fact I don’t carry it around a lot, this piece of jewelry can and that’s cool. On the negative side is the already mentioned stress tracker, the fact it’s not water resistant (although some women say they wear in the shower, but I wouldn’t go that far) and is quite pricey, 130+ $.

So it’s definitely not a life changing product and I can’t live without it, but it is a quality product which gives me a good insight in knowing my own body, which is a good start for future decisions.

T 🙂


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