Hi y’all!

Welcome to LITTLE FINGERS. Whether a random visitor or a regular guest I thank you for reading my blog.

This site is divided in three categories:

  1. FOOD: category which combines everything related to food: recipes, tips’n’tricks and info on spices.
  2. WELLNESS: category designed as a little help corner where I talk about health in general, review cosmetic products and share tips for a healthier happier you.
  3. TRAVEL: category where I write about my food adventures and traveling.

Behind the scene is me, Tea. An ex synchronized swimmer who ended up in the kitchen. Majored in cultural anthropology and Turkish. I don’t know much about politics but I do about spices. I love to eat, drink and make people laugh, and when I manage to save up some money I travel, the further the better. Always considered myself to be a bit like Indiana Jones minus the hat. With my head in the water and feet up in the air.

You can follow me here and here.

T 🙂


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