Spring came and brought, along with the sun, flowers and energy boost, some new experiences and lovely memories. Since I can finally walk around dressed normally, not shivering every step of the way, you can mostly find me in long walks and the woods. Lats weekend I went to my country house in a small place called Desinić. Desinić is a small village in the region called Zagorje, and it’s also the it place of my childhood. My cousins and I spent there all of our holidays at our grandparents place. Our childhood was made of mostly playing around, ”helping out” in the field or barn and wandering around the hills and the woods. This weekend we ended up in the woods again, but with a more sensible goal: to pick wild asparagus.

We started off by a light walk and watching mostly flowery sights.

The road lead us to this beauty: castle called Veliki Tabor, which is practically my neighbor. What can I say, we’ve always been among the elite. 😛

We were accompanied by the silliest dog in the world, named Bella.

Since Bella is in heat we were also followed by a gang of stray dogs. She chose the most tenacious one.

Since we didn’t want to interfere in their business, we headed down the path into the ”woods”. It’s actually shrub area, located  under an old orchard. Despite the thorns, cuts and bruises, each of us managed to pick a handful of asparagus.

Now when I say asparagus, I mean a plant referred to as black bryony, which here is considered to be the asparagus of the north. You can eat young shoots in the spring, which is exactly what we’ve picked (the fruit on the other hand is poisonous). Here is us posing as top models. #nofilter #wokeuplikethis

The plant is very juicy and the cooking is very brief. They carry less bitterness than asparagus. I like to prepare them with eggs. Here’s a recipe for spring morning tortillas, inspired with black bryony/asparagus and wild garlic.


  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tortilla
  • 2 tblspoons of cottage cheese
  • handful of asparagus/bryony
  • handful of wild garlic
  • tabasco
  • lard or vegetable oil


  • Heat up a table spoon of lard/oil. Crack two eggs and fry until the bottom is crunchy and the egg yolk is still runny. Add the asparagus at the last minute and fry briefly.
  • Heat up the tortilla on a griddle pan.
  • Smear the cheese over the tortilla, then put the asparagus, cover with a handful of wild garlic. Serve two eggs on top and sprinkle with tabasco. Roll into a tortilla and serve.

U slast,

T 🙂


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