Another summer, another trip to Istria, third one in a year, and hopefully not the last one. It all started with his birthday, and since we’re not the types to exchange lavish gifts, we’re more inclined to creating memories, I took him on a foodie road trip.

Our first stop was Grožnjan, small artistic town, which quickly grew to be my favorite one. Every little bit of the town is decorated with some kind of cute tchatcki, be it a vase or a lamp. It holds so many cute, magical corners in which you just want to hide away from the rest of the world. Since they are a lot of truffle related stores, we made it our mission to enter each and every one and taste all the samples.

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Then we went to Poreč and after all of the yacht gazing (the megalomania is uninspiring) we headed towards Kozlović winery where we took a breather with 3 different glasses of wine sampling, looking at the very inspiring vineyards, sunset and green hills. Being smart, we drank on our empty stomachs, so the camera got blurry and pictures are non existent.

I tried the Moscato, Svinjon and Rose Moscato and enjoyed them all immensely. They also sell olive oil. After that we went for dinner at Stari podrum tavern, which has been haunting me because I heard a lot of good reviews of it. The tavern has a homey, charming interior design and is run by a family who knows and appreciates food. We tried the mixed started and the mushrooms were exquisite.

Then we had the Fiorentina stake, beefsteak with truffles and pljukanci (traditional pasta) with the real deal truffle shavings. It’s hard to describe how delicious it was, but it is safe to say we were the quietest table around.

We didn’t pass on dessert: chocolate mousse, fruit tiramisu and sorbetto.

Would I recommend it? To everyone, everywhere. You should definitely book a table up front, cause they have limited sitting, and good words travel far. Expensive? 300 kn per person including appetizer, main dish, dessert and some wine. I’d say not too much.

The next day we stopped at pizza place Rustica in Kastav, a standard place to grab a slice in Rijeka. The dough, not too thick, not too thin with crispy edges and not too much stuffing. Thumbs up.

That’s all for now,

T 🙂


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