Oh I so love to shake up the world of predominantly chicken eaters with a nice piece of pork. In spite of the ever popular trend of unoriginal and predictable I-eat-only-chicken-white-meat people, pork regularly appears on my table and no one says a word against it. Maybe because word of mouth earned me a reputation as a hater of semi foodies who eat everything BUT this, this and this (YOU’RE NOT A FOODIE!), or maybe (I sincerely hope so) because it’s tasty and delicious. There are many recipes at your disposal, and this one is from the lightweight category which means it gives you maximum satisfaction for very little effort and involvement.  And remember lard=taste!


  • a piece of deboned pork loin
  • pancetta or rashes of bacon


  • Put the meat into an oiled deep tray and place on medium heat***. Fry on each side for couple of minutes just to get some color and so you close the pores.
  • Make deep vertical cuts along the whole piece. Then take the pancetta and sort of tie around the loin in following manner: you need two rashers for one row which you put around the meat so each rasher hugs the bottom and the upper part of loin and they (rashers) meet at the middle of both sides. If you have extra rashers you can a) eat ’em or b) put as and extra layer to tighten the frame.

  • Cover with tin foil and put in the preheated oven (200 C) for an hours. Then remove the foil and bake for another 30 mins.
  • Serve with chips or as you like it.

Pork prepared like this is super juicy and unbelievably full of flavor. It doesn’t need to be extra salted because during cooking time the pancetta releases it’s saltiness and juices into the cut pork. Don’t throw away the fat from roasting, pour it over cooked vegs or potatoes, or put in a tightly closed jar and keep in fridge for some other occasion. Brilliant!


T 🙂

P.s. ***never, ever put the tray on the fire first and then the meat because the grease will explode and the following could happen:




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