This cold wintery weather reminded of my recent trip to Barcelona, its warmth and enjoying the sun, so I think it’s time to share my adventure with you guys.
We came to Barcelona from Budapest by plane (I hate flying), and Budapest itself is really beautiful, but I’ll write about it some other time 8 although I should mention gulash which was one of the better meals we had).
Couple of pics from Budapest:
Later we arrived to Barcelona and since it was really late we ate like lings in MCD and then went to bed. The next day we took a tour around Camp Nou, Barcelona’s official football stadium (I know, I knoe, I don’t like football aswell, but everyone wanted to go). For 23 euros you get a special experience and get to see a lot of nice grass and plastic chairs.
After that we went (by metro which has a sweet deal 10 rides for 10 euros, which you can buy on every metro station) to see Gaudi’s masterpiece- Sagrada Familia. It is huge, beautiful and a must see atraction. It’s still being bulit and will be for the next 10 years.
If you go there, buy souvenirs at that place because they’re much cheaper than the ones in the city center.
Our hunger got stronger than our will to explore the city so we made a cardinal mistake and went to a near by restaurant. Don’t do that, restaurants like that are made for tourists, they are expensive and usually offer bad quality food. We ordered paella (a portion for 2 costs 30 euros) and two pizzas (teeny tiny ones). Babilonia restaurant-avoid it. Paella is a traditional meal made from rice, vegetables, meat, fish; there are million versions, but the one thing they have in common is saffron, which has a strong scent and taste. What we’ve got was without salt and any kind of spices, over cookes, over oily with just a pinch of turmeric so that it looks yellow. If I regret anything in this life, it’s that meal. Apart from the bad food, personnel is bad and tables are located between smelly toilets. Learn from my mistakes. Avoid that restaurant.
Frustrated and hungry we continued our journey and were headed to La Rambla, the main street. On our way to there we stopped next to Gaudi’s house, which is a museum today, but we didn’t go in there (ticket is around 25 euros).
La Rambla is the main street in which you can everything, from high end brands to markets and street preformers. I love cities that have soul and are colorful and vibrant and Barcelona is one of them.
After tour the city we went back to our apartment to refresh ourselves and go out and paint the town red. But first we had to fill our miserably hungry bellies, so we went to a local pub-like restaurant which is always full of locals. Best decision ever! The food was great, prices were budget friendly and sangria was cheap! I don’t think I have to say that was our first and final stop during the night.
Last day, after a breakfast for champions at the same place, we went to aquarium. We could not visit the fountains because during January and February they are being repaired. Ticket for aquarium costs 20 euros, but for someone like me it was trip to wonderland.
In front of the aquarium you can find foreigners selling cheapest souvenirs (illegally). Also I noticed a lot of unemployed people, but they don’t beg, they sell bubble gums, pencils or make balloons while searching for a job.
That’s all for today, until the next post or journey,
T 🙂

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